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art exhibition
&NIGHT Market

An open studio event featuring Immersive Art and selected vendors of fine products for body&mind

vr massage, interactive walls
light & sound sculptures, fashion

body art, food, drinks, botanicals

6/23/2018   7PM-MIDNIGHT

837  South ALAMEDA ST. 90021

Supporting the Survivor Alliance

Door donations help their mission to rise above trauma and turn survivorship into a force for positive change. 

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VR Massage Experience

Enjoy a traditional massage on a table that has been enhanced with a virtual reality headset. During your massage, we track the motion of the massage therapist. In the VR headset, you see a hologram of yourself on the table being massaged in real time.
Grounded in ancient massage tradition by Rikki Marquis, the out-of-this-world visual journey is designed by CutMod founder Will Michaelsen.

[Reserve a session in advance]

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Hanging overhead is a light sculpture called "Sólblossi" (Icelandic for "Solar Flare") designed by Juan Azulay with an LED pixel-mapping system designed by Pete Thornbury. The piece was originally built as visual accompaniment to a Sigur Rós soundbath, and currently lives on at CutMod Studios.


Widely used as a spice and folk medicine, ginger has a keen ability to cleanse the palate to enjoy a variety of tastes. yaknowlike and WAYFORMS present ginger, an immersive, multisensory experience, housed in a 12 foot tall yurt-like structure, inspired by the sacred geometry of the Merkaba.

Interactive Music Magic

Powered by the Soundwell DEK, a multi-function MIDI instrument. Participants can play perfectly against any track in real time.

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Joy Displacement

An exploration of the social capital afforded by nostalgic imagery in a society that increasingly romanticizes the past. The project more specifically examines the case of Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasures” album art, and subsequent re-appropriations through derivative shirt designs and an interactive video wall. Shirts will be available at the event.
Free entry for anyone wearing one of the Joy Displacement shirts. Order Now!

Vendor Spotlight

Tabitha Andelin: A modern day seamstress and fashion designer, hand making high-end streetwear for the fashion forward. High tech materials make couture clothing the go-to for everyday.

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From The Earth: Dedicated to making infused products with organic, vegan, and food-grade ingredients. CBD calms overactive nerves and heals the body, while THC relaxes and relieves anxiety.


Enter the lot from 837 S Alameda St. After you talk to parking attendant, follow the arrows to enter the lobby of yellow building take elevator or stairs to 4th floor.

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