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Immersive Sensory Health (ISH) is a new initiative of CutMod Digital Media. ISH aims to synthesize modern technology with traditional good-health practices to create a line of experiential products that engage participants mentally and physically, toward a healthier future. 

Our first product to launch is the Virtual Reality Massage Experience, which publicly debuted at the VRLA 2018 expo. We are now taking appointments for beta-test sessions at our downtown Los Angeles studio space. To schedule a session please email


Meanwhile we are hard at work developing more experiences focused on radically changing the way people maintain their health in a world of ubiquitous technology and instant gratification. We aim to make you sweat, and make you think. Please join our mailing list and follow @CutMod to stay informed about our ongoing developments.

VR Massage Gets Real @ VRLA Expo
During the May 2018 VRLA - Virtual Reality Los Angeles expo, the CutMod team had a blast meeting immersive technology enthusiasts from around the world!  We demonstrated two interactive video panels: Vertex Trails and Joy Displacement, in addition to our new VR Massage experience.  
Audiovisually immersed in a VR headset, participants hear, see and feel soothing music while a massage therapist works in physical space. Along with abstract visualizations of the music, participants are guided through a multi sensory journey culminating in an out of body experience - you see a hologram of yourself on the table, being massaged in real time… Wiggle your fingers, that’s you! 
Over the two-day convention, CutMod’s VR Massage experience provided a mind and body recharge to nearly 300 attendees.  
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