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Rail Race Midway Game - Two Bit Circus Micro-Amusement Park

Game Logic and Asset Management, TouchDesigner

  • Collaborative 2 on 2 game logic to favor teamwork but also keep it a tight race

  • Worked with game designer, producer, and in-house TD dev to finalize project

  • Interfaced with existing arcade management scripts, and game specific functions

  • Parameterized and extended prototype game logic to meet functionality directives

  • Custom GUI with multiple response curves. Parameters adjustable during play

The Verge: How Two Bit Circus is turning its 21st century carnival into one giant game - by Bryan Bishop

The carnival midway games are surprisingly challenging and addictive, and I worked up a sweat trying to help my team win in Rail Race, a game where pairs of players have to pump railroad car levers in unison to push their car to the end of the line.

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Forbes: Two Bit Circus, The Carnival Painted With Pixels - by Charlie Fink

“Rail Race,” appears to be a traditional midway game train racing competition, the kind where spraying water in a clown’s mouth moves toy trains. “A race? A race would be easy. It would be expected. We could have done a race, we could do an awesome race, but no. We added our special sauce, sprinkled pixels on an old idea, and created an impromptu opportunity for people to form teams of two to pump handcart handles, which have back EMF resistance,” Gradman said. “You really have to pump. This embodies our philosophy. You play with other people. Everything here is built to bring people together.” And make them sweat.

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