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Residential Interiors

Virtual Restoration of a faded Andy Warhol print

This print was part of Andy Warhol's Flowers (hand colored) series, a 1974 portfolio of ten screenprints with synthetic dye-based ink additions. Over the decades, the coloring faded almost completely. Using modern video projection technology, color based on archival photography is restored on the print. As an ambient behavior, the color fades in and out, to exhibit both the original and faded coloring.  Additionally, the color modulation of the piece is interactive by way of tracking the motion of viewer movement in front of the picture frame. Viewer motion applies a temporary hue wheel rotation to the piece.

Located within the historic Marrakesh Country Club community in Palm Desert, "La Maisonnette" is a mid-century modernism inspired showcase house recently completed by Anne Michaelsen Design.

As part of the 2024 Modernism Week, this virtual restoration of a Warhol classic debuted during a series of events for interior designers, art collectors, and the who's who of Palm Desert modernist style. CutMod was able to work with as-built conditions to create this interactive projection mapping which takes advantage of the master bedroom doorway transom window as a means to hide the projector from direct view in the well appointed foyer of the home..

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