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Pointcloud Tutorial - Part 2 - Intermediate Techniques

In this tutorial we pick up where part 1 left off and calibrate the virtual scene with our physical room to create a room scale mixed reality scene. We also cover combining pointcloud and skeletal tracking, and other uses of the pointcloud texture data.


By the end of this tutorial you will be well on your way to creating holographic worlds which combine virtual and physical reality into a single scene usable in contexts ranging from VR experiences to selfie walls.

Pointcloud Tutorial - Part 2
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This 40 minute tutorial expands on our basic pointcloud tutorial by covering the following subjects:

  • Aligning room-scale pointcloud with physical space

  • Merging skeletal tracking with pointcloud

  • Decoupling plumbob orientation from Kinect POV alignment

  • Follow-spot lighting and casting hybrid reality shadows

  • Interacting with virtual geometry

  • Pointcloud texture uses and processing techniques

  • Measuring physical objects without tracking

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