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Getty Unshuttered Live

Projection Mapping and Interactive Wall for USC School of Cinematic Arts

  • J. Paul Getty Museum courtyard transformed into immersive multimedia festival

  • Tutored USC students on interactive design techniques with Kinect + TouchDesigner

  • Supported student mapping and masking of rotunda, stage wall, and rock sculpture

  • Clients: USC School of Cinematic Arts, Gear Connection

Activate your party with Interactive Video Walls!  Our technology is sure to keep your guests engaged.  Wave your arms, jump around, get up and DANCE!  Enjoy the spotlight as the crowd watches your dance moves projected onto the wall. 
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VR Massage Gets Real @ VRLA Expo
During the May 2018 VRLA - Virtual Reality Los Angeles expo, the CutMod team had a blast meeting immersive technology enthusiasts from around the world!  We demonstrated two interactive video panels: Vertex Trails and Joy Displacement, in addition to our new VR Massage experience.  
Audiovisually immersed in a VR headset, participants hear, see and feel soothing music while a massage therapist works in physical space. Along with abstract visualizations of the music, participants are guided through a multi sensory journey culminating in an out of body experience - you see a hologram of yourself on the table, being massaged in real time… Wiggle your fingers, that’s you! 
Over the two-day convention, CutMod’s VR Massage experience provided a mind and body recharge to nearly 300 attendees.  
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