Joy Displacement - Shirts and Interactive Installation

LV Pattern Joy Displacement T-shirt
Super Future - Joy Displacement Tees
MacOS Joy Displacement T-shirt
Apple Joy Displacement T-shirt
Windows Joy Displacement T-shirt
Xerox Joy Displacement T-shirt
Like - Joy Displacement T-shirt
Chapelle's Show Joy Displacement v1
Chapelle's Show Joy Displacement v1
Mudflap Babe Joy Displacement Shirt
Arizona Joy Displacement Shirt
Recycle Joy Displacement T-shirt
Supreme LV Joy Displacement T-shirt

The Joy Displacement project debuted at Futra's "Super Future" event. Shirts are designed with the same TouchDesigner techniques developed for the interactive video wall installation. Most of the shirt designs were done as unique direct-to-garment prints, but the CutMod and 45rpm designs are available as screen prints.  [order here]

Some of the limited-edition designs are still available, though most of them were swooped up at the event. Please contact us for availability, reprint requests, or to submit your own custom design in any size/color/style.


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LV Pattern Joy Displacement T-shirt

This piece is an exploration of the social capital afforded by nostalgic imagery in a society that increasingly romanticizes the past. The project more specifically examines the case of Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasures” album art, and subsequent re-appropriations. The original design for the album art is a scientific diagram described by The Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Astronomy as stacked plots of “successive pulses from the first pulsar [star] discovered, CP 1919.” Now a substrate for luxury.

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