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"Digital Paint" is back on exhibition in Los Angeles through March 10, 2024.

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Exhibition details available on the museum website.

Read more about the original edition below:

Digital Paint, 2021

Runtime: Infinite


Concept by Jen Stark @jenstark

Interactive Design by CutMod 

Will Michaelsen: Interactive Design & Music Composition

Rikki Marquis: Interactive Project Manager & Music Composition

IG Credits: @jenstark @cutmod 


Featuring pulsating geometric shapes projected across three walls, Jen Stark’s Digital Paint installation inspires visitors to embrace their childlike sense of play, while interacting with color, shape and sound. Each viewer is invited to engage with the animated shapes (circle, star and diamond) to alter the color scheme in real time, either with a paint roller, their hands, or their body. The competing color swatches are activated to refract off one another, drawing upon Stark’s fascination with color theory and exploring the coexistence of harmony and contrast in nature. With each touch, the animation emits a sparkling melody of chimes, transporting the viewer through a euphoric meditation. After breathing life into each digital canvas, the viewers’ paintings begin to revert back to their original states, leaving a fresh start for the next interaction.

Exhibition runs through December 23, 2021 at The Wilding Cran Gallery
1700 S Santa Fe Ave #460, Los Angeles, CA 90021


Interactive NFT:

Check out our prior NFT collaboration on Foundation

Animation and Sound by CutMod.


Vans "Customade by Jen Stark" 

Projection Mapping in Joshua Tree

Motion Tracking and Particle System for 10xHD Wall
SAP Executive Briefing Center, Manhattan


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